The Freddy Cole Quartet in Concert

"FREDDY COLE," a Grammy nominee in his own right, makes no apology for sounding like his brother, Nat King Cole. And he stands shoulder to shoulder with today's jazz greats: "warm, intimate, elegant come to mind with Freddy behind the piano and mic."  Freddy has what audiences seek and expect to see and hear on stages of such a master:  personality, perfectly polished, smoky jazz! Master vocalist and pianist, Freddy Cole will captivate listeners with his warm presence, subtle phrasing, and world class jazz. He has been charming audiences in the States and abroad for over 40 years.

Freddy's credentials translate to an awesome presentation in any venue, small or large.  Freddy's music education began at Chicago's Roosevelt Institute, continued with degrees from the Juilliard School of Music in New York and the New England Conservatory of Music.   He hit the thriving jazz scene of New York City, taking whatever work he could find and learning the ropes from such influential mentors as drummer Sonny Greer.

Today, Freddy Cole feels "blest" to be doing what he loves best -- telling stories through music, reaching people with his exuberant warmth and inexorable talent. We should consider ourselves equally as fortunate to hear more from this jazz great with the panache of Duke Ellington and a voice like "raw silk."

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