The David Osborne Trio

"Pianist To The Presidents"

Miami Oklahoma native David Osborne has been playing the piano since he was five years old. He fell in love with the piano at a very early age at the First Baptist Church, in Miami. David's parents agreed to let him take a piano course offered by the church for a nominal fee at the time. He was so successful that his mother Nina Osborne searched for a teacher close to home. One day while playing the piano by ear on the front porch of his parent's home a lady approached the house, and told David's parents that she was a local teacher and would teach David free of charge, and she was astonished at the music David was bringing out of the piano with no formal training. He followed his dream through several local teachers, and then to college to study and receive his Master's in Keyboard performance.

A serious man with a great sense of humor, his education includes a B.A. from Oral Roberts University in his home state of Oklahoma, other studies at Indiana University and an M.A. from Pittsburg State University in Kansas. David's recordings on the Northstar Music label have become the number one romantic piano recordings nationwide having reached millions of fans.

He is a distinguished member of the international roster of Steinway Artists. Osborne's frequency of playing for present and past presidents has earned him the title of "Pianist to The Presidents." David has played the White House and throughout the country for former presidents Carter, Bush, Reagan and Clinton as well as a host of dignitaries and celebrities.

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