Jack Wright: The Songs and Stories of Neil Diamond

Jack Wright gives his audiences a sophisticated, authentic performance of the hit songs that have kept Neil Diamond in the hearts of his fans for more than five decades. He captures Neil’s poetic expressions of wide-ranging emotions, and the eclectic mix of his varied musical styles. And it goes beyond the music with the sharing of stories about Neil’s life, and explanations of his sometimes complex and complicated lyrics. 

He interprets the songs the way Neil must have felt when he wrote them; he connects with his audiences the way Neil always has, while making the songs his own.“Being able to sing Neil Diamond songs with a voice that sounds a lot like his is a gift -- not an effort. I don’t use over-played mimicry -- I don’t pretend to be Neil. Hopefully, for my audiences, it’s much more than that. I want people to understand and feel the songs through my interpretations of the lyrics, and the power of my arrangements. If people can connect to Neil, and to each other through me, I’ve accomplished something that’s fulfilling and rewarding." Jack Wright

"The concert was a reminder to me of what it feels like to experience pure joy. Forget the stresses. Absorb the music. Share the energy of a roomful of people turning on their heart lights." ~ Judy LebeauI 

"Had to settle a bet after the performance. Was he lip-synching Neil Diamond? Absolutely not! Jack Wright is the real deal!" ~ Brian Pennebaker 

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