The Kingston Trio



The Kingston Trio is one of the few groups today that has survived the many changes in the world of music. They have remained consistent in their sound, which probably explains their resurgence in popularity over the last few years. The Kingston Trio consists of Josh Reynolds, Mike Marvin, & Tim Gorelangton.

The original Kingston Trio was formed in 1957 by Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard, while the three were attending college in the San Francisco area. Using only acoustic guitars and banjos, and singing simple yet memorable melodies, they revolutionized popular music, reawakening America to its own rich folk music heritage. The release of "Tom Dooley" in October of 1958 began the "folk music revival" and set the stage for Dylan, Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary and the entire protest movement of the60's. The Kingston Trio was the number one vocal group in the world, a musical and cultural phenomenon whose record sales and concert draws were matched only by The Beatles.

Following two Grammy awards and numerous gold records, they were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, joining the ranks of Michael Jackson, Julie Andrews, Glen Campbell, Leonard Cohen, & the Ramones.

"I am pleased to announce the Kingston Trio legacy will be carried forth by Josh Reynolds, Mike Marvin and Tim Gorelangton, who will begin performing as the Kingston Trio in October 2017. As you all know, Josh is the son of founding member, and my friend and partner Nick Reynolds, and Mike is Nick’s cousin. Rounding it out is Tim Gorelangton, one of the only people Nick ever recorded with outside the Trio. It was Nick Reynolds’ and my fondest hope that Josh and Mike would carry on the Trio family legacy. The Kingston Trio has been touring nonstop for 60 years, and I am looking forward to another sixty years!"
~ Bob Shane

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